QPools is designed to
deliver you better results

Australian growers can now access the global reach and domestic support of Quadra through QPools.

Our simplified model removes the complexity Australian growers face when selling their grain. We ensure growers get the best market access for their grain through the most efficient supply chains available.

Backed by Quadra and their key shareholders of Macquarie Bank and The Andersons, you can be confident we'll be outperforming the market.

Greater returns, a simpler process and more support with QPools.


Our mandate is to ensure growers gain access to market opportunities through an alternative supply chain and marketing strategies. The objective is to add value through active management of pool tonnes from harvest, with returns locked in over a period of time to provide a final pool return which outperforms the average of market cash prices across the life of the pool.

Quadra will market the pooled grain within its corporate risk management policies and execute sales to ensure superior returns to its growers.


Using our global market intelligence, actively managing post-harvest hedging and sales via an alternative and efficient supply chain to give growers both protection and superior returns.

The Quadra pool manager may reset pricing strategies to adjust for changing market conditions, this may include the buying and selling of hedging instruments and may include repositioning risk in physical markets.

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